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GPS/GSM Tracking software

Pentode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is proud to present , a milestone in tracking applications with some of very creative and useful features which you never find in your existing tracking platform. The USP of this software facilitate us to get GSM based location. We offer you to get a complimentary account till 31 March 2016 and give your valuable feedbacks, suggestions, edits and changes and get your customized tracking application.

Software Features

    1. Customer management
    2. Device Management
    3. Using Geo fence
    4. Tracking Reports
    5. Real time Live tracking
    6. Trip Report
    7. Special reports
    8. Fuel
    9. Controlling Device Using Web Interface
    10. Profile Management
    11. SMS/Email Alert
    12. Alerts Show in Dashboard
    13. Customer Account Validity Management
    14. Android app
    15. Software is working Lbs base & GPS Base
    16. Anti Theft in Android App
    17. Vehicle Notification & History report in Android App



.   High availability, with uptime 99% and more in worst case scenario.

.   Committed support team, with all latest communication media such as voice, text etc.

.   Best infrastructure to work out in natural disaster and other unforeseen events.

.   Global standards, our product are being used in other Asia countries as well.

1.   We build solutions using GPS for different requirements such as logging the trail of movement, tracking packages and valuables etc.

2.   We provide wireless communication and services for your requirements in the remote part of the world, such a location your valuables under transit in rural and distant area.